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Florida law defines abuse as “any willful act or threatened act by a relative, caregiver, or household member, which causes, or is likely to cause, significant impairment to a vulnerable adult’s physical, mental, or emotional health.”  See Florida Statute 415.102 (1).

Physical abuse of the elderly or people with disabilities can be detected from scratches, cuts, broken bones, bruises, or even bedsores.

Neglect of the elderly or people with disabilities can result from over medication, under medication, starvation, malnutrition, dehydration, lack of personal hygiene, or even lack of electricity or medical care.

Exploitation of the elderly or people with disabilities can be seen with a loss of property, money or resources of an elderly or disabled person. 

Florida law requires any person who knows or has reasonable grounds to suspect abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the elderly or disabled, should immediately report such knowledge to the central abuse hotline at (800) 96-ABUSE.  It can also be reported via the Florida Abuse website https://reportabuse.dcf.state.....

If you have witnessed a loved one or a friend being abused, you should immediately get them to safety by calling 911, if necessary. You also should immediately report them to the Florida Abuse Hotline (above). You should take note who they were with, who was present, the date, the time, and the location where you witnessed the suspected abuse, and if you are able to, video and/or pictures. Once your loved one is safe, call us to make an appointment to discuss the potential case you have against the individual or company where you suspect your loved one or friend was abused. Your loved one and/or family might be entitled to compensation for any abuses.