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Defending Florida Nursing Homes and Elder Care Providers

North Palm Beach litigation firm counters negligence and malpractice claims

Like all healthcare providers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities operate under the constant threat of medical malpractice claims. However, cases involving these facilities often allege not a distinct act but rather a pattern of abuse and neglect. Defense of such cases requires a unique approach based on a firm understanding of the applicable law. At Romaguera Law Group in North Palm Beach, we have seen how nursing homes and elder care providers and their employees may be accused of unlawful conduct even when they adhere to rigorous standards of care. Our lawyers draw upon nearly three decades of combined experience in malpractice defense to protect the interests of dedicated professionals throughout Florida.

Experienced attorneys assess cases of nursing home negligence and abuse

We provide counseling and litigation defense to nursing homes and assisted living facilities facing claims that they failed to exercise the legal duty of care they owe to residents. The standard of care is defined by federal and state statutes and regulations, which cover all aspects of medical and other care delivered. They require a high level of vigilance in view of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of elderly and infirm residents. Many cases brought against these facilities allege neglect of patients’ basic needs and inattention to injuries and health problems, such as malnutrition, dehydration, emotional and cognitive disorders and general health deterioration. However, injuries and health complications do not always indicate a care provider’s wrongdoing. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate each claim and evaluate the evidence to determine potential liabilities and the defenses that may be asserted.

Assertive litigators protect the reputations of nursing homes

Many healthcare practitioners and assisting staff members at nursing homes work to ensure that their facilities are dedicated to residents’ comfort and safety. However, any indication of potential abuse or neglect can alarm families with loved ones at a facility, leading to the filing of negligence claims that may jeopardize a nursing home’s good standing and numerous employees’ licenses and careers. Our familiarity with this area of practice enables us to provide facilities with experienced legal guidance. By asserting a focused defense, we aim to swiftly disprove allegations of neglect or abuse and help our clients avoid unjust outcomes in litigation.

Experienced counselors aid in dispute resolution

Florida healthcare providers are licensed and regulated by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), which routinely inspects providers and carries out investigations in response to complaints. Violations of state or federal regulations may be cited as deficiencies and penalties may be imposed. Under state law, nursing homes may request Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) as a means of defending against cited deficiencies. It gives facilities the opportunity to present additional information before a panel and demonstrate that specific deficiencies should not have been cited or that the findings supporting those deficiencies were inaccurate. A skilled attorney can play a valuable role in this process. We have experience representing nursing homes in IDR proceedings and can help clients succeed in having deficiencies deleted or reduced in severity.

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