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Palm Beach County Lawyers Defend the Rights of Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Residents

Ensuring your loved ones get the protections they are entitled to by law

Florida is an important haven for retirees, many of whom live in nursing homes, assisted care communities or adult family-care homes. The managers and staff of these facilities have a responsibility to treat residents with dignity and proper care. Nevertheless, vulnerable elders are sometimes subjected to improper treatment. Fortunately, the Florida Legislature and the U.S. Congress have enacted laws specifying the rights held by nursing home residents. Romaguera Law Group in North Palm Beach, Florida cares about the treatment of our senior citizens, understands these rights and is ready to help you enforce them for the sake of your loved ones.

Understanding the rights of nursing home and assisted living facility residents under Florida law

In Florida, residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities have the right to live in a safe and decent living environment, to be free from abuse and neglect, and to be treated with personal dignity and individuality. The Florida Legislature recently codified a bill of rights that must be legally protected, including residents’ rights to:

  • Enjoy civil and religious liberties
  • Have private and uncensored communication (although visits may be limited to visiting hours)
  • Have reasonable access to health, social, legal and other services from the individual or entity of their choice
  • Complain to the staff, government officials and others
  • Organize and participate in residents’ groups and have their families meet with other residents’ families
  • Participate in social, religious and community activities that do not interfere with other residents
  • Examine the facility’s most recent inspection report and any plan to correct deficiencies
  • Manage their own financial affairs or, if they choose, have it managed by the facility
  • Be adequately informed of their medical condition and proposed treatment, if competent to understand them
  • Refuse medication and treatment, if competent to give informed consent
  • Receive adequate and appropriate health care
  • Be free from mental and physical abuse
  • Be transferred or discharged only for medical reasons or the welfare of other residents

If you fear that your loved one is being denied these or other rights or is being subjected to abuse of any kind, we will examine the facts, advise you of available remedies and move swiftly to implement them.

Nursing home and assisted living facility residents have rights under federal law

The federal government’s Nursing Home Reform Act provides similar rights for adults in residential care facilities, such as the rights to freedom from abuse, mistreatment and neglect; to accommodation of medical, physical, psychological and social needs and to express grievances without discrimination and reprisal. If we represent anyone deprived of these rights, we will take action against the nursing home to enforce compliance and to pay compensation where appropriate.

Contact a skilled South Florida nursing home residents’ rights attorney for free consultation

If you are concerned about the treatment of your family members in nursing homes, Romaguera Law Group will work with you to protect their rights. Call us at 561-472-1077 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our offices in North Palm Beach, Florida. Se habla espanol.