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Palm Beach County Business Attorneys Draft Contracts and Resolve Disputes

Helping to facilitate clients’ business transactions in South Florida

Well-drafted contracts, enforceable contracts are key parts of business transactions and can make commercial litigation simpler and less expensive to resolve. Romaguera Law Group in North Palm Beach, Florida has an eye for clarity and detail in drafting contracts and will provide skillful and cost-effective representation on your behalf in court if a dispute arises.

Careful attorneys draft clear, effective written agreements in South Florida

When your business requires a contract of any kind, our seasoned lawyers will review your situation and make sure the agreement you sign is addressed to your needs and enforceable. Ambiguous language in a contract is construed against the party who drafted it, which can lead to disastrous results. Our experience as business lawyers includes drafting purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, services contracts, shareholders' agreements, non-competes, non-disclosures, loan contracts and promissory notes and dozens of other agreements for businesses. We do all this with care and attention to detail, focusing on crafting a contract that achieves your purposes.

Aggressive advocates represent businesses in breach of contract disputes

When a party has allegedly failed to perform one or more provisions of the contract, the dispute needs efficient, cost-effective resolution. This may consist of out-of-court enforcement of remedies specifically provided in the contract, such as liquidated damages. If the breach is material, which means that it deprives you of an important benefit of the contract, you may have a cause of action to rescind or to sue for actual and consequential damages. You might also find yourself on the other side of a dispute, if another party claims that you are in breach. In either case, we can provide you with strong, results-oriented representation. If you retain us early enough in the process, we may be able to settle the dispute before it gets to court, and if it does require litigation, we will represent your interests aggressively and press for as quick a resolution as the circumstances allow.

Attorneys well-versed in express and implied contracts

Legally binding agreements between two or more business entities can be explicitly created or can arise by implication. Especially in today’s fast-paced business environment, contractual duties are often the result of a pattern or practice by one party upon which the other comes to rely. A contract may be implied either from a course of conduct that indicates the parties intended to agree to something or from the fact that one of the parties will be unjustly enriched without an agreement. However, certain contracts have to be in writing to be enforceable. Whether a contract in question is express or implied, we are skilled at analyzing its enforceability and taking all measures appropriate to protect your rights and economic position.

Contact a skilled South Florida contracts lawyer for a free consultation

If you need us a contract drafted or to litigate a breach of contract claim, Romaguera Law Group has the skill and professionalism you need. Call us at 561-472-1077 or contact us online to schedule a FREE consultation at our offices in North Palm Beach, Florida. Se habla espanol.