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You may be asking yourself, as a medical provider why do I need a personal attorney? I’m not in private practice or I’ve done nothing wrong, or I haven’t had any accidents or incidents in my healthcare practice.

Most medical providers such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and others are employed by another individual or more likely employed by an entity corporation.  And while we like to think that others “have our back,” that simply is not always the case.

You may be asked to sign an employment agreement, which sounds harmless enough.  You may be told that this is a “standard” confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.  However, without an attorney knowledgeable in the pitfalls and complexities of contracts, you might be signing an intentionally ambiguous contract with terms unfavorable to you.  You might be presented with a contract with jurisdictional issues, or harsh post-employment restrictions. Without an experienced attorney reviewing such contracts, you may not be fully protecting yourself, and you may be setting yourself up for a future headache.

Romaguera Law Group has decades of experience in drafting, reviewing, and modifying contracts to protect the interests of our clients.  We represent healthcare companies, individuals seeking to open healthcare businesses, individual physicians, nurses, and therapists protecting themselves with well-written contracts, among many others.

The reasons to retain a personal attorney are limitless.  Be prepared for the unforeseeable by contacting the law office of Romaguera Law Group and see how we can protect you.