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You don’t run a Fortune 500 Company… yet.  Many Florida businesses operate without any contract that has been drafted and/or reviewed by a business attorney.  Why should you?

The answer is easy: [1]CONTRACTS ARE PROTECTION.

Florida’s most basic contract law principal is: (1) if you signed it; (2) then you agreed to and understood all of it; (3) therefore the contract its valid and binding; (4) so long as the agreement isn’t for something illegal.  As a businessowner, [1]contracts are your friend, because you can define your own rules to the game. 

Business contracts should be specially crafted depending upon the price, product, production, and nature of the relationship ([2]long-term renewable contracts, [4]one-time standalone contracts, or [3]consumer contracts).

You may not ultimately need a contract for, quite literally, everything, but there is certainly no harm in contacting a Florida business attorney that offers 100% FREE consultations and evaluations.  Romaguera Law Group represents many small- to medium-sized businesses in the State of Florida, and we follow the same general goals with each contract:

(1)Contract protects the client to the fullest extent plausible;

(2)Contract discourages the other party from suing the client;

(3)If the client has to file a lawsuit, the Contract language should make that lawsuit simple, quick, and efficient; and

(4)When the client wins the lawsuit, the other party must reimburse the client for its attorneys’ fees and court costs.