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It is not surprising that dialysis clinic injuries are prevalent, whether they come in the form of a slip and fall, a bleeding event, a medication error or other mis-event. In addition, theft of a hemodialysis patient’s personal property is hardly unheard of.

These vulnerable patients may report to these dialysis clinics 3 times a week for up to 5 hours a day simply to stay alive. These clinics usually operate 15 hours a day and are operated by a staff which mainly consists of “dialysis technicians” which are usually “certified” nurses aids which are supervised by a handful of nurses. These “technicians” usually represent the first line of care and, if necessary, lifesaving care.  There is no doctor or physician usually in the center, clinic or even on the premises.  Many of these clinics do not have trained individuals or even equipment to be able to adequately respond to an emergency, leaving disastrous situations to paramedics.

Slip and falls may occur from water around a sink since dialysis patients and staff are required to wash their hands frequently. This may lead to areas of water on the floor inadvertently caused by patients or staff which may not be monitored frequently or appropriately.

 A bleeding event can arise from a dislodged catheter from a fistula or leaving in needles or placing them incorrectly. This can result in brain damage or death.

A medication or medical error can happen from failure to administer the correct medication, or erroneously administering the correct dosage or amount of medicine. These mishaps are less infrequent than one may think.

We have extensive experience with dialysis claims for over a decade, whether they might involve a slip/trip and fall or a medical mistake in one of the hundreds of these clinics. Unlike reading ordinary medical records, a medical error in a dialysis facility requires experience and expertise in reading these very unique records. If you or a loved one have had a bad experience at one of these clinics and suffered injuries or death, we can evaluate your claim with the necessary expertise and provide you with honest and realistic advice. Call us at Romaguera Law Group at (561) 472-1077 for a free consultation.