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If you are a business owner, you should have a business attorney to help you with a broad range of business-related issues that could impact your operations.  Without general counsel to advise you, one can get both themselves and their business into trouble in many ways.  For example, an owner of a nursing company recently sent us a proposed contract to review.  While the contract itself was very fair overall, it contained a provision that stated any disputes would be handled according to the laws of California and the venue would only be in California.  That means, if a dispute arose between the parties, the Florida business owner would have to retain counsel in California and fight the dispute in California courts using California law.  Potentially, this could have been disastrous.  We, of course, made changes to that provision so any disputes would be handled locally, under Florida and even in the county where the dispute arose.

It is important to have an established relationship with an attorney who understands your business.  Not only will you have someone on your side assisting you with disputes or problems you are facing, but they can also develop ways to minimize or avoid risk to your business as well.  Your lawyer can assist you with contracts, subpoenas, garnishments, and non-compete agreements among many other facets of running a business.  By having general counsel, you can avoid having to reach out to an unknown attorney AFTER a problem has emerged.  Quite possibly, that problem could have been avoided in the first instance.  If your general counsel knows your business, he or she will know what questions to ask, and in some instances, even be familiar with your employees to quickly address the situation, thus possibly avoiding significant disruption or impacts on the business.  Having served our community and our clients for close to thirty (30) years, we can assist you in navigating simple or complex legal issues by a quick phone call or conference.  In the end, it can save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and aggravation.