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One-Time, Nonrenewable Contracts

Standalone contracts have a unique place in the business world, because many small-  to medium-sized businesses prefer to simply place an order and pay an invoice.  Often times, contractual language will appear on an invoice, and once that invoice is paid, the paying party is deemed to have agreed to whatever language was on the invoice.  Depending on which party you are in that equation, that behavior is either sneaky or smart.

However, those situations can cause problems down the road.  The product may not perform as advertised, and the purchasing party may not know it until after the invoice was paid.  The purchasing party may dispute the invoice before it’s paid.  In both of those scenarios, a lawsuit would almost certainly be filed if the two sides could not create a way to resolve the disputes.

Although it may sound like basic business principals, it is important to have a contract define the short-term relationship between the parties, and include provisions such as product warranty, payment, return policy, and alternative dispute resolution.  Except for uncommonly complex or large standalone transactions, these contracts are not typically lengthy contracts filled with confusing legal language.  These are generally simple, to the point, and clear.

Our attorneys have dealt with standalone contracts which, at the time, appeared to be clear, but failed to consider varying potential disputes down the road.  These unnecessary complications make it much more difficult to resolve disputes, and attempts at dispute resolution become significantly more inefficient.

There is no formula to creating a perfect contract in any situation.  These contracts should be narrowly tailored and specifically drafted based upon the price, product, and production.

The safest way to determine your business’s needs is by contacting a Florida business attorney.  Romaguera Law Group offers 100% FREE consultations and evaluations.

Romaguera Law Group represents many small- to medium-sized businesses in the State of Florida, and we follow the same general goals with each contract:

(1)Contract protects the client to the fullest extent plausible;

(2)Contract discourages the other party from suing the client;

(3)If the client has to file a lawsuit, the Contract language should make that lawsuit simple, quick, and efficient; and

(4)When the client wins the lawsuit, the other party must reimburse the client for its attorneys’ fees and court costs.