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We all love our dogs, right? But what happens when the dog bites another person or, even worse, a child? Florida law imposes liability on that dog owner, even though the dog’s owner didn’t know the dog might bite or it could be vicious. Thus, if a person is lawfully upon property and is bitten by a dog, he or she can recover all of their damages, including all of the medical bills, and pain and suffering for the dog bite. Of course, the dog’s owner can maintain that the bitten person was negligent, thereby reducing the liability of the owner.

We recently obtained a very favorable settlement for a food delivery driver who was simply attempting to deliver the food ordered by the homeowner to his house. The owner knew his dogs could be vicious because he had already been sued once as the result of the dogs. The delivery driver was mauled and required extensive medical treatment. He recovered all of his medical expenses, as well as for his pain and suffering for this incident.