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When businesses deal with individuals, it is always important to ensure that the contract is easily enforceable.  In other words, filing a lawsuit should be a business’s last resort, but if a lawsuit does need to be filed, the contract should make the litigation process quick, easy, and painless for the business.  Individuals are unpredictable.

Depending on the business, most may expect that individuals ([4]as opposed to other businesses) will engage in price-shopping as opposed to negotiating.  Unlike dealing with other businesses, individuals may be more likely to sign a contract that they did not read or understand.  Additionally, individuals may be more likely to take a ‘customer is always right’ approach, and intentionally breach a contract under the threat of a bad Google or Yelp review.

Florida’s consumer protection laws are strongly in favor of the customers.  That means that it is extremely important that contracts between a business and an individual are clear, concise, and fair, while simultaneous keeping a majority of the power with the business.

There is no formula to creating a perfect contract in business-to-consumer relationships.  These contracts should be narrowly tailored and specifically drafted based upon the price, product, and production.

The safest way to determine your business’s needs is by contacting a Florida business attorney.  Romaguera Law Group offers 100% FREE consultations and evaluations.

Romaguera Law Group represents many small- to medium-sized businesses in the State of Florida, and we follow the same general goals with each contract:

(1)Contract protects the client to the fullest extent plausible;

(2)Contract discourages the other party from suing the client;

(3)If the client has to file a lawsuit, the Contract language should make that lawsuit simple, quick, and efficient; and

(4)When the client wins the lawsuit, the other party must reimburse the client for its attorneys’ fees and court costs.